Chris Colfer Named One Of Time’s Most Influential People Of The Year

Chris Colfer rules.  This past year he picked up a Golden Globe for playing the eternally fabulous Kurt on Glee, will probs score an Emmy nod (at the very least), AND sold both an indie script, Struck By Lighting which he’ll start filming this summer, as well as a pilot to the Disney Channel.  Let’s not forget that he’s also part of the Glee tour, which will make for kind of a jam-packed summer.   Just shy of his 21st birthday, Colfer also earned a spot on the Time 100, the magazine’s list of the year’s most influential people.  Many of us have been cheering Colfer on since we met him once upon a pilot, so you can imagine how fired up we are about all of the good stuff coming his way.

PHOTOS: Chris Colfer Outside The Late Show With David Letterman

So about that Disney pilot…

According to Deadline Hollywood, Colfer’s series, The Little Leftover Witch,  is based on the children’s book by Florence Laughlin.  It’s about a little witch who is taken in by a family after crashing into their house with her broom.  We can only hope that Colfer will lend his talents to it every now and then.

Check out what Chris has to say about being on the Time 100 after the jump.