Chris Colfer Greets Fans Outside Of ‘Good Morning America,’ Promotes Book [PHOTOS]

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Golden Globe winning actor and Glee star, Chris Colfer made an appearance on Good Morning America as he discussed his first novel, The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell. The young author dabbled with the story idea at the age of 10 and has made a commitment to himself to complete the fantasy novel and see his childhood dream materialize. His book launches today (July 17) in bookstores internationally.

The elated young writer tweeted today, “My first book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell comes out today in the USA, the UK, and Australia! BIG DAY for me! One of the biggest!”

His fantasy novel follows the story of twins who happen upon a surreal world as they have the chance to meet their favorite storybook characters, but the challenge lies ahead for the twins when they attempt to find their way back home out of the fictional world.

The 22-year old wanted to stay true to his original characters and plot. “Every single character has always been the same since then. There were some lines I remember writing when I was 10 that stayed with me, along with the story, that I made sure were in the book as well. Like, I knew it had to start with ‘Once upon a time.” explains Colfer.“It’s been probably one of the most difficult processes I’ve ever had to do writing the book, recording the audio book and also the absolute most nerve-racking [part]: have other people read it and it going out into the world and knowing that it’s going to be in most of the bookstores [Tuesday] … it’s nerve racking,” he added.

Colfer greeted fans outside of the studio with his blonde locks slicked back, wearing a black-and-white checkered shirt and relaxed denim jeans while he signed autographs for fans.

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