Chris Colfer Invites Fans To Get ‘Struck By Lighting’

Glee star Chris Colfer is a man of many talents. He sings, he dances, he acts and recently added screenwriter to that list. Chris is currently filming Struck By Lighting, a film he also co-wrote. Digital Spy tells us that Chris’s coming of age, indie comedy needs some help in the extras department.

PHOTOS: Chris Colfer and Christina Hendricks on the set of Struck By Lighting

Chris recently Tweeted, “If you’re in the LA area this Friday and would like to watch/be in a Struck By Lightning scene email! C u there!” So, if you are in the LA area this Friday, do it!!!!! And then tell us if it was awesome or not.

Chris may not be returning to Glee after season 3, but he clearly will not be out of our minds. I’m predicting a pretty good future for Mr. Glee here. I mean, the guy is nominated for an Emmy. Does it get better? Also, is it just me or has he gotten hotter? No seriously. Check out the gallery and see if you agree. Also, if you go through the gallery super fast it’s like he’s walking across your screen.