Chris Colfer Chats About The ‘Glee’ Family, Super Excited To Meet Oprah

Chris Colfer Quoted
10 quotes from the charming Chris Colfer.
Chris Colfer got to meet Oprah Winfrey. My jealousy knows no bounds right now.

The Glee star was a guest on Good Morning America this AM and in addition to promoting his new book and talking about his Glee family, Chris got the chance to hug the one and only Oprah. Too bad it seems that her hair was little bit less intense than the afro.

Chris Instagrammed about the experience saying, “Oprah’s hugs are magical! Best morning ever!!!” I am so with you on that! But it wasn’t all fun, games and Oprah for Chris this morning. 

He also opened up about how things are going for everyone on Glee since Cory Monteith’s passing. He said this morning:

We’re hanging in there. You know, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. But, um, you know we’ve been very much like a family. We’ve kind of pulled together and we’re getting through it.”

Still, it is weird for him getting tips on how mourn from little kids. Luckily he’s got his books and Oprah to keep him busy. Has anyone read his The Land of Stories series? I really love kid’s books as they’re always so much more fun and imaginative than adult books. Are his worth the read?

Check out Chris’ interview in GMAbelow and make sure to launch the gallery for all the glory of Chris and Oprah. And tell me your thoughts on his books in the comments!