Chris Colfer Calls Christina Hendricks A Disney Princess

Christina Hendricks probably thought she got a free pass after putting the twins on display at the premiere of I Don’t Know How She Does It Monday night, but it didn’t excuse that frumpy-dumpy outfit she wore to Self Magazine’s 2011 Women Doing Good Awards at The IAC Building on September 13 in New York City.  Now, Jennifer Hudson -there’s a girl who got gussied up for the night.

PHOTOS: Behold, The Cleavage Of Christina Hendricks

One person who thinks highly of the Mad Men star?  Chris Colfer, who shares screen time with his fellow Emmy nominee in Struck By Lightning.  Colfer told The Hollywood Reporter at Fox’s Eco-Casino Event Monday night (September 12th),  “I just did a movie with Christina Hendricks and she’s amazing. One of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  She’s literally a Disney princess in human form.”

Lucky.  I want to be called a Disney princess.

Hendricks is nominated for Best Supporting actress, and Colfer is rooting for her to go home a winner.  Who do you want to see take home an Emmy Sunday night?  Let us know by tweeting us at @socialitelife or posting to our Facebook page.