Chris Brown’s Tattoo Artist Swears That Chris’ Neck Tattoo Is Not Rihanna

E! Online got an interview with the tattoo artist who created the new “face” tattoo on Chris Brown’s neck – the one that looks suspiciously like the sad photo of Rihanna post-beating that we saw on TMZ over three years ago. Chris has claimed that the photo is not of Rihanna despite the obvious comparisons.

His people told Gossip Cop that “It is a ‘Sugar Skull,’ which is associated with the Mexican celebration of the ‘Day of the Dead,’ combined with a MAC cosmetics design that Brown had seen.” Mmmhmm.

Celebitchy googled “Sugar Skull,” and the designs look like skulls with embellishments on them. They’re not half faces, and they look cartoonish not like hot women. He could be telling the truth about the Mac Ad.

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