Chris Brown Makes Homophobic Slur About Frank Ocean [PHOTOS]

Chris Brown
The singer performed back in October 2009.
When Chris Brown was asked what he thought about fellow Hip-Hop artist Frank Ocean, he responded “Man, no homo”, according to The Advocate.

Following the comment, Brown went on defense mode tweeting “My opinion on the whole Frank Ocean subject is…….Love who you wanna love. It’s ur decision. People stop searching for BS.”

This isn’t the first heated exchange between the two Hip-Hop artists. Apparently the two went at it on Twitter.

Whether or not Brown just wanted to get a rise out of Ocean because of previous disagreements or because Brown just has anger management problems (the Rihanna incident can tell you that much), was the homophobic slur really just an insensitive comment? Do you think he’s tweet was a sufficient enough apology?

Too commonly is the phrase “no homo” used nonchalantly. What do you all think?