Chris Brown Dreams Big For F.A.M.E.

Chris Brown’s newest album, F.A.M.E., is coming out this Tuesday, March 22. Over the weekend, Brown was in New York City gearing up for the release. The rapper has set high expectations and wants to sell a million copies in the first week alone.

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Promoting New CD

Brown recently said, “I would love to do like a mil the first week, honestly. And that’s really pushing, and I know that’s pushing, but I’m happy with anything I sell. If I sell 100,000 like last time, I’m cool.”

Although it is a rather big dream, Brown has better timing with this release. Instead of it  receiving backlash and heat because of the Rihanna incident (like his last album did), this album is coinciding with his recently leaked nude photos. Are you going to be buying the new album?