Chord Overstreet Teases Dianna Agron’s 100th Episode ‘Glee’ Return, Cast Shares Twitpics

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Thanks to all of the teasing from the Glee cast, I really can’t wait until the show returns!

Above you’ll notice a photo of Chord Overstreet and Becca Tobin. Who is it there joining them? Dianna Agron, of course! The blonde beauty will be reprising her role as Quinn Fabray for the 100th episode spectacular. Her absence which was far too long is finally coming to an end.

Unfortunately, she’s probably only guest-starring but it will still be great to see her back on our screens!

Other exciting and interesting tidbits of information have been released about the upcoming special!

Not only is there a 100th episode, it’s being split into twoparts. A two-parter almost takes away from it being an episode but at least we’ll see our favorites again, right? Oh, but wait! We also have a newcomer joining the cast.

According to E! Online, Chace Crawford will be joining the cast as Agron’s on-screen love interest. Matthew Morrison refers to the character, Biff, as “kind of a Yalie degenerate.”

Naya Rivera teased something fans might appreciate. Check out the tweet below:

Someone we all love wasn’t shown in the photos: Jane Lynch. Will snarky Sue Sylvester still be present? Kevin Reilly says, “as long as there’s a show, there’s Jane Lynch.” Whew. We wouldn’t want to miss that sass.

Are all of your favorites returning for the special? Check out the gallery above and let us know who you’re most excited to see!

The Glee 100th episode two-part spectacular airs March 18th and March 25th on FOX.

By Erin Cosgrove

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