Chord Overstreet Is One Hot Teacher

Chord Overstreet is not a kid anymore. The student has now become the master. Kind of. For those of you needing your Chord fill which can no longer be gotten from Glee, fear not. According to The Examiner, Chord will be on episode of this season’s The Middle playing, you guessed it, a teacher.

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Apparently, Chord gets into some hot water with a student’s parents when he helps that student skip gym. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Gym is a horrible class period. Chord looks particularly adorable as a teacher with his cardigans and ties. Very Mr. Schuester.

I quite like the fact that Chord is going from high school student to 4th-grade teacher. It just goes to show how old high school students look on television these days. And all days. Fear not, though. Chord has way more on his plate than just The Middle. It’s quite exciting.

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Will you guys watch Chord’s episode of the show? Check out the gallery for some great stills. Also, Chord should wear cardigans all the time. I’m sure girlfriend Emma Roberts would appreciate it.