Chord Overstreet Is Headed Back To ‘Glee!’ Yay!

For all those who missed Trouty Mouth Sam when this season of Glee started up again, have we got good news for you. According to TVLine, Chord Overstreet will be back on Glee starting with episode 8 in December. It would only be for a recurring role for Chord, something that he had rejected the first time they offered it to him, so it’s interesting he’s decided to take it now.

It will definitely be fun to see how Sam’s return will affect the McKinley High kids since it was mentioned in the first episode of the season that he had moved out of state. Also, I’m super excited to see how Chord being back on the show plays with all the ladies his character used to date. Maybe he’ll appear on it with real life girlfriend, Emma Roberts.

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One source told TVLine about his return, “We missed Chord and Chord missed us. It’s a win-win.” Ooo! Maybe Chord will join the rival glee club? That would be quite scandalous. As long as he’s not the character that gets in the way of Kurt and Blaine I’m more than happy to have him back.

What do you guys think about Chord’s return? Looking forward to it? Missed him terribly? Could actually care less? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments!