Chord Overstreet Fears Teenage Girls

Chord Overstreet revealed on Entertainment Tonight his biggest fear: teenage girls! Turns out the blond-haired Glee hottie sometimes finds himself with physical harm at the hands of his many, many fans!

“I went to Dianna [Agron’s] premiere the other night of I Am Number Four. And me and Harry Shum Jr. were at it and we walked outside the theater and literally, it was like, girls grabbing our arms and like ripping us apart,” Overstreet says. “And then we had to basically just tuck and run, it was nuts. That was the first time I was actually scared because I was actually in pain from how hard they were grabbing.”

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Chord also added that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he tries to steer clear of the high school girls. I guess it’s not just because they’re jail bait…they’re downright scary!