Chord Overstreet – 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

August 29th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

From one swoopy bang wearer, Glee lover to another: I salute you, Chord Overstreet.

Thank you for:

1. That hot smolder of yours #you’rehot

2. Being bold in your decision to wear tan shoes with a black suit. #takingownership

3. Balancing out a dressier one-button jacket with simple slacks and a white tee. #veryGQofyou

Photos: If Only I Could Get Rid Of Those Shiny Pants Of His!

Although I not-so-secretly want him for myself, I do fully support his cutesy relationship with Emma Roberts. And think he did a fab job presenting alongside Demi Lovato at the show tonight.Wonder if Chord’s bangs were able to avert his eyes from those boobs of hers! Wowza!

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By Priscilla Rios

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