Chloe Sevingy Explains Blow Job Scene and Vincent Gallo Jerks Off

August 23rd, 2004 // 16 Comments

“I knew people would not understand it,” Sevigny told The Associated Press. “When you see the film, it makes more sense. It’s an art film. It should be playing in museums. It’s like an Andy Warhol movie.” [via AP]

Wow, thanks for clearing that up Chloe. Blow jobs can be very confusing onscreen. Note to filmgoers: the appearance of an actual blow job on film, means you’re seeing an art film. This revelation takes 1 Night In Paris to a whole other level. Who new Paris Hilton had and art film in her?

I”m sure Chloe appreciated Vincent’s preparation for the scene.

“What I did was drink a lot of pineapple juice!” Gallo laughs when asked how he prepared for the scene.“Pineapple juice makes everything taste better, and I tried to stay as clean as I could.” (How big of him.) [via HX]

“This particular scene is the most complex, it’s the most evolved thing that I’ve ever done in my life,” Gallo said at a news conference during the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

Apparently, Vincent Gallo, (who is almost as overexposed right now as he was in The Brown Bunny) has evolved somewhat.

I did do sexual things for money. With men, I’ve never performed or had fellatio performed, but I did do jerk-off things. I would go in a peep booth and watch straight porn and get paid 5 or 10 dollars to have somebody watch me masturbate. [via HX]

Is anyone actually shocked that Vincent Gallo did jerk-off things?

I think not.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Angela

    Vincent Gallo really needs to get over himself. Chloe needs a reality check. A blow job does not make an art film.

    • able

      You’re right. The rest of the film does, through. You should watch it before judging it… since an uninformed opinion does not an opinion make.

  2. Bunny

    I’m trying to think…has Chloe ever been in a movie where she didn’t have some sort of screwed-up sex scene? Kids,Boys Don’t Cry, American Psycho,If These Walls Could Talk 2…..

  3. promqueen89

    I have never understood the whole Chloe Sevingy thing…she is always in the mags…for what? Being the worst dressed person of this century? Has she done more then four movies in her life? I don’t get it.

    • able

      Maybe you’d get it if you actually watched her movies instead of just guessing how many she’s made. Get your head out of magazines, stop judging her fashion sense and see what she ACTUALLY does. Then maybe you’ll “get it.” My guess is you won’t because that’s too much work.

  4. dirty

    I would like to collaborate with Ms Sevigny on an art project.

  5. christy

    Yeah. I guess I to have been involved in an ‘art film’. Except, I didnt get paid as much as Ms. Sevigny and it was with my crappy ex boyfriend and not a supposed ‘movie star’. Is that kinda the same thing?

  6. brandon

    uhhh….several questions here:
    one- did she know that she had to suck his “art” when she took the part? (or maybe she had to do that “scene” in the audition…oddly, that exact scene has been used as an audition for decades in hollywood yet cut from almost every film…And lately it seems to propel some talented actresses to oscars- just ask, catherine, charlize, and renee).
    2- has anyone seen this art film? does it really show her gagging down his pineapp-o-le, or is this another “colin farrell-big dick” pr stunt? oh yeah and why the pineapple juice? was she swallowing?
    C- does anyone know the budgetof this movie, er, “film”? i mean just exactly how much money could she possibly have made to make any sense at all of sucking vincent gallo’s cock?
    4- IF any of you ever jerked a wad in a gloryholed peep show booth for a lousy five fucking dollars, would you EVER, and i mean EVER tell that to anyone? even if Elvis or JFK were on the other side of that wall? i mean,if you’re wanting to enetertain me with your hooker history raise your rate, otherwise you only succeeded in making me want to wash my hands and throw you the change in my pocket. i’d rather you had done it for free.
    E- who is this italian-american writer without an italian last name (tony bennett doesn’t write, does he?)
    six- gallo is a strange one indeed. i saw him at a movie premiere and party once and talk about brooding… though he may have been thinking about how much he should have charged.
    7- oh yeah, how is his dick? hopefully chloe paid closer attention than she did with hilary swank’s…it just occured to me that it may have been only worth a fiver (thus the brooding and public raging)
    god-i need a hobby…



  8. koleen

    I’m sorry, I do not know what it is but I think Gallo is so sexy. He’s conceited and republican, which are 2 things I hate, but I can’t get over the overwheming feeling that he is so attractive. I’m not a fan of Sevigny and don’t think she’s particularly talented or pretty. Gallo is is just very hot.

  9. happyharpyshouse

    I think Gallo is fit

  10. Bushrod

    Chloe has seemed to me a puritan before brown bunny. yes, she did sex scenes in every film, but all of them said you pay if you have sex , and with your life. the messages have been basically bible belt christian til bunn;y. sex must be the first ditch we come to. people of great intelligence are as reactionary about sex as snake-handlers.

  11. NightHowler

    It’s all about publicity. It isn’t even a real cock, for god’s sake. Take a look how Gallo puts the dick back in his pants – he hides it with the underwear! And any of you noticed there is no image of the cock being taken off the pants in the first place?

  12. BPer

    I don’t know whether its a “real cock” or not, but after seeing that seen I don’t really care. He’s not even big. A very generous estimate would be 7 inches, but it looks like a totally average pecker to me.

  13. a

    This was an excellent, out-of-the-ordinary film, and to anyone who has a problem with it or the blowjob part in particular, well, that’s your hang up. Kudos to Gallow and Sevigny, and shame on any poor loser who is threatened or offended by it because of their own personal issues and tries to make it into a moral and/or critical judement. You guys need to grow up.

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