Chloe Sevigny Talks Smack And Quickly Apologizes For It

Sometimes, you have to put your money where your mouth is, but in this case, Chloe Sevigny of Big Love disagrees.

After bashing the fourth season of the show and calling it “awful” the Big Love star quickly issued an apology via “I feel pretty terrible. I feel like what I said was taken out of context, and the [reporter] I was speaking to was provoking me. I was in Austin [at the SXSW festival] and really exhausted and doing a press junket and I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying…I obviously didn’t mean what I said in any way, shape, or form.”

Criticizing the mouth that feeds you, or in this case the people that sign your checks, is never a good idea. We know you meant it, but if the show’s creators can accept your apology, so can we.