Chloe Sevigny Fugs It Up

January 19th, 2006 // 17 Comments

Ms. Sevigny achieves her mission to become an eggplant.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mariana

    It’s more noteworthy if she dresses well, because that almost never happens. Actually, scratch the “almost”.

  2. Ldysunfyre

    She’s definitely not comfortable looking in prom-type clothing.

  3. j bean

    nicole richie and la lohan weren’t invited to the HBO gathering…chloe’s just sneaking them in…using her ENORMOUS sleeves.

  4. nobody

    I’m almost ashamed to admit she’s my most compatible. Actually, scratch the almost.

    Still luv ya Chloe. ;)

  5. kanga

    she was fugly even before she wore the dress, i really struggle to find the appeal. The funny thing is i think she looked better playing white trash in boys dont cry… now thats saying something!

  6. Fugly Girl

    Kanga if you want to see her in a white trash role watch a little movie called “Gummo.” Now there’s a white trash role for you. That movie will make you wonder how you have not known these type people actually do exist in the world.

  7. mrsdr.

    it seems like she goes out of her way to look hideous.

  8. kanga

    thanx Fugly Girl (i feel awful calling u that even if it is your name) next time i cant decide on a movie i’ll try to find it. I didnt mean i thought she looked good in that movie either i just ment that i think she is so ugly that playing an ugly role actually made her look better if you know what im trying to say…

  9. STEPH

    hey, thats great you know ms. sevigny. i must say that for someone trying desperately to look like a ripe aubergine, you arent doing it very well. infact, i’d say it looks pretty lame.

  10. Darth Skeen

    Unfortunately for all of you hillbillies, she has been known for years for her sense of style. Just because YOU don’t see it at the mall (or on the t.v. in your trailer) doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Go feed your goats. Heh…

  11. Jess

    She could wear a ripped trash bag and look great – stop judging.

  12. doofus

    why doesn’t she just go back to doing porn? besides being notorious for dressing poorly, that scene is what she’s most well known for.

  13. Anna

    I hope Darth was just being an asshole in the fecetious sort of way. Chloe is known for her fashion sense, alright… she’s one of those random’s that was tagged “stylish” ONCE years ago and everyone’s been trying to figure out why since. She’s dreadful.

  14. Alexi

    I know more about fashion then you do Darth Skeen. She has no sense of style because she’s too effing fugly to pull any of that stuff off. THe girl needs a new face.

  15. Darth Skeen Jr.

    Heh. NO ONE who willing uses the term “fugly” can possibly know anything about fashion or the avant-garde couture! I may be an asshole, but you cretins need to get your head out of Mr. Blackwell’s ass! There’s a big world out there and you people should really do a little research into life outside of Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and Sex And The City. Not to mention

  16. doofus

    uh, darthy-poo?

    I don’t believe that ANYONE needs to do “research” anywhere to know that Chloe doesn’t know how to dress. One doesn’t need to have much knowledge of fashion or haute couture to recognize this lady’s fugliness.

    the woman gives a whole new meaning to “bag-lady bo-ho chic”. and that new meaning is “I must be blind when I get dressed because I look ridiculous”.

  17. overasskisses

    Hey its a blog site to laugh or whatever at celbs not to kiss there f%cking asses. If you wanna ass kiss go to there official site or write them a letter and do it. Sure sure we are all allowed our own opinion bla bla bla thats true i agree but dont get all high and mighty coz people are doing here what the site is designed for – gossip etc. Seriously I dont think that people who are paying out on a celb are going to give a toss what people who kiss there asses think… The celeb ass kisses are usually much worse than the celeb themselves.

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