Chloe Mafia Is A Mess

For those of you bemoaning the sad state of the American media turning random skeezers with no talent into celebrities (ahem, Kim Kardashian), well, guess what, England is just as bad!

This week’s victim is named Chloe Mafia (hilarious!) and she’s an X Factor contestant.  Or was.  Apparently, Chloe is a 19-year-old prostitute and single mother hooked on cocaine and has been arrested 140 times.  Upon making it to the second round of auditions, Chloe apparently spent the entire night before getting plowed and trashing the hotel room that X Factor supplied for her, then predictably bombing the next day’s rounds.  And THEN, she went on Facebook to announce getting booted, pissing off TV execs who require results be kept secret until aired.  Did I mention her nightly rate went up once she got on X Factor?

Ok, I’m not a cruel person who laughs at unfortunates (Chloe Mafia?  HA!), but seriously, this actually feels scripted.  Not well-scripted, but certainly not real.  Arrested 140 times?  Come on, now.

Feel free to peruse the many disturbing Facebook pictures of Chloe in the gallery!

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