Chloë Sevigny Discusses Lizzie Borden Mini-Series And Chloe Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny, seen here arriving at HBO’s Big Love Season 5 premiere on January 12, 2011, is now developing a new project with HBO. In a recent interview from Imagine Fashion, Chloë excitedly discusses her new project,  and shares her opinion on the Chloe Sevigny drag queen, Chloe.

The new mini-series Chloë is developing for HBO is “a period piece about a woman. It’s kind of a biopic, true crime.” Chloë tries not to give too much away in terms of plot detail, but when the interviewer jokes that Lizzie Borden is the subject of the mini-series, Chloë doesn’t deny it and even surprisingly asks the interviewer “how did you know?” In the clip Sevigny discusses her interest in Lizzie Borden and admits to visiting the house turned bed-and-breakfast in Fall River, MA where the murders took place. According to Chloë, the bed-and-breakfast which caters to the Lizzie Borden fanatics is “so amazing!”

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As for Chloë’s thoughts on drag queen Chloe Savigny, she admits that she doesn’t quite understand it. “She doesn’t even dress like me or wear her hair like me. Why does she claim to be me?” Sevigny is a good sport about it, though, and has even considered appearing in an episode. I think that Chloë should cast Chloe in the new biopic. The drag queen is disturbingly fascinating, and reminds me of Lizzie Borden in that way. Check out the interview after the jump and see for yourself.