Chloe Sevigny Sports a Teeny Tie-Dye Bikini [PHOTOS]

April 30th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Chloe Sevigny just wrapped a feature film by James Franco and a group of his NYU students, which she shot for free.  “I’m out of work right now,” Sevigny joked to New York Magazine. “I thought it would be good to help some young filmmakers and busy myself so I don’t go crazy and obsess over buying a cat.”

Sevigny is technically not out of work.  She’ll star in the British miniseries Hit and Miss this summer, and just appeared on Law and Order: SVU.  The model actress with attend the Hit and Miss premiere at the May Fair Hotel May 15th, in which she plays a pre-op transsexual contract killer.

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The interview took place at Sevigny’s East Village co-op, which she’s becoming a little tired of due to lack of natural light and “co-op rules” (which are a pain in the ass).  ”Maybe I won’t find the right thing and I’ll just stay here,” Sevigny told the magazine.  ”Or maybe I’ll fall in love and get married and move somewhere else entirely. You never know!”

BTW, Sevigny is looking fantastic.  The former Big Love star showed off her bikini body in Miami Saturday (April 28th), wearing a tie-dye two-piece while she chilled out with a friend.

By Kelly Lynch

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