Chloe Moretz Looking Glamorous In Dolce&Gabbana At ‘Hugo’ Premiere [PHOTOS]

Martin Scorsese’s upcoming 3D adventure movie Hugo premiered in New York on Monday night (November 21). Among the celebrities at Ziegfield Theatre in New York City was one of the film’s stars actress Chloe Moretz. The 14-year-old blond hit the red carpet in a flowing Dolce&Gabbana champagne-colored tube dress with ribbon details in the front.

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Chloe said she could not believe the scale of the set that was made to bring it to life for the $170m budgeted flick. She said:

“It was a full-scale train station. It was built in two studios placed side by side, which made it gigantic. And they built, to scale, an actual train station. It truly was one of the most magnificent things I’d ever seen.I walked in and saw it for the first time and thought, ‘It’s really happening.’ It was beautiful.”

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