Children Are Such A Great Judge Of Character

February 20th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Yes, she’s really, really scary isn’t she? Look at that smile on Kimberly Stewart’s face; she’s obviously enjoying the pure unhappiness of that poor child.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cynthia

    My face would look that unhappy too, if I were being held by that transvestite!

  2. spitty

    Is Kimberly Stewart a celebrity these days? I mean does seem to be throwing herself in front of cameras for our viewing displeasure.
    I think w/o a doubt she is the most annoying celebutante.

  3. Snippity

    Rod certainly throws unlovely offspring. She’s supposed to be quite stupid, so she’s only out trolling for a Hollywood husband, that’s why she’s showing up for the opening of an envelope. She’s trying to increase her chances of mating.

  4. Blindqueen

    That baby looks like her. Did Rod spawn a new one?

  5. Dr. tia

    awwe i feel so bad for that baby

  6. Allecto

    She’s probably holding her future stepmother.

  7. Breezudy

    Spew-take. Thanks, Allecto!

  8. know-it-all

    k i advise everyone to read The truth About Diamonds by Nicole Richie –kimberly stewart is Carrie… If u guys think shes stupid now read what shes really like in the book…oh ya and the book is actually really good

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