Child Celebs Of Yore Think Kirk Cameron Is A D*ck [VIDEO]

Out Of This World’s Mauren Flannigan was joined by other priceless television artifacts like Adventures In Babysitting’s Keith Coogan, The Parent ‘Hood’s Kenn Michael, Mr. Belvedere’s Brice BeckhamStep By Step’s Christine Lakin, The Hogan Family’s Jeremy Licht,and Josie Davis of Charles In Charge take a stand against their former child star comrad, Kirk Cameron.

Funny or Die gathered everyone around to create Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron, or CCOKC (that’s right, just like the rooster).  Flannigan, still holding strong to that lightning bolt her finger tips created back in ’87, accidentally let a spark fly while simulating sex.

The television vets looked back fondly on the gays who surrounded them on set.  They were there in wardrobe and in hair & makeup, and….that’s about it. “I’m sure they did other things too….,” Beckham said.  “But mainly, they were stylists.”

I’m a CCOKC, too, guys!