Chikezie?!? NO! NOT MY CHIKEZIE!

Photos: Getty Images

Chikezie was sent home on American Idol last night. I’ll sue! I blame that conniving bitch Kristy Lee Cook! That manipulative Betsy Ross-masquerading slut knew just what she was doing when she sang “God Bless The USA” the other night. The Patriot Act is in effect! People knew they would be taken from their homes under the cover of darkness if they didn’t vote for her.

Chikezie was joined in the bottom three by Jason Castro and boring-ass Syesha Mercado. I don’t think Castro even knew where he was. Bitch is so high. Devil weed has fried his brain.

But Chikezie? My Chikezie? Does America need a drool cup? For real? Why is everyone I like being kicked off? First that glamorous skunk Amanda Overmyer and now my Chikezie? Chikezie, come here baby. I will hold you and make it right. Kristy Lee Cook is a pox on this nation. I blame the Midwest. She’s turning this show into the goddamn 700 Club!