Kate Middleton’s Bikini Bump Pics: Should They Have Been Published?

Kate At St. Andrew's
The DoC grabs a hockey stick at her alma mater.
Kate At Royal Albert Hall
HRH attended a concert in aid of her husband's charity.
Chi Magazine is one of a few publications that purchased photos of the Duchess of Cambridge in her bikini.  Her Royal Highness, about four months along in her pregnancy, was seeing walking along a beach on the island of Mustique with Prince William.

Catherine wore a blue string bikini, and a slightly protruding stomach was clearly visible in the photos, published not only in the Italian magazine, but also American tabloid Star and (come Monday) Australia’s Woman’s Day.

Today, ITV This Morning accidentally showed the magazine cover without blurring the offending image.  The network released a statement immediately, apologizing profusely for their error.

“Earlier during today’s news review we were discussing photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a beach in Mustique published in an Italian magazine,” host Eammon Holmes said, according to the Metro

“Unfortunately we accidentally showed an unblurred image of the magazine cover, which briefly showed the photographs. This was a deeply regrettable error and we are very sorry.

“We apologise unreservedly to the duke and the duchess.”

British – and many American – outlets have refrained from publishing the photos, as they have made an unofficial agreement with St. James’s Palace not to invade the private lives of William and Catherine.

Woman’s Day editor Fiona Connolly defended her magazine’s decision to publish the photos.  Connolly told the BBC,  “I think the British are very sensitive about this.  As Australians, we see this every day. We see pregnant women in bikinis on the beach – and a public one at that – so we are a lot less sensitive here in Australia.”

According to CNN’s Max Foster, there are no public beaches on the island of Mustique.

Today I appeared on Celebuzz’s The Daily Buzz to talk about the “scandal,” (which, in my opinion, isn’t really a scandal).  True, it’s a complete invasion of privacy, and it’s a good sign that many respected media outlets have chosen not to publish the pictures.

However, photos like these are going to be taken and freelance photographers will stop at nothing to get a shot that could make them a serious commission.  According to the Telegraph, Woman’s Day paid $150,000 for the set.

As mentioned previously, since Mustique’s beaches are all private, this could go to an English court over invasion of privacy.  And knowing how fiercly the palace protects the private lives of its royals, this case most certainly will.

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