Chezza Contemplates Divorce Amidst Rumors Of Her Impending U.S. Take-over

Even though most of us Americans have little idea why Cheryl Cole is famous, ‘Chezza’, as they call her over in the UK, is all about the potential of becoming a judge on the U.S. version of X Factor. However, the Girls Aloud singer is worried we yanks may not take to her like she will most certainly take to us. Chezza recently gushed, “I love the thought of it and I would absolutely love to do it. The talent out there is phenomenal so I would get an absolute buzz out of doing it – but whether or not they would buzz off me is a different thing.” While I’m pretty sure your flawless face and adorably incoherent accent will be received well over here, I suggest you drop that cheating husband of yours, Ashley Cole.

Amidst unsubstantiated rumors (Simon Cowell has yet to confirm anything) that Cheryl may join the stateside X Factor edition are rumors that she is actively pursuing a divorce from her current not-so-faithful husband. Other outlets are speculating that Cheryl will wait at least 6 months before going ahead with any divorce proceedings because a part of her is holding out hope that the marriage will survive. Look, Chezza, while I’m sure we’ll all love you when you infultrate our lives, the sooner you dump the no-good footballer, the better off you’ll look in the scathing eyes of America’s gossip gurus.