Cheryl Cole’s New Man Derek Hough Saves Her Life

Cheryl Cole was feeling “awesome” on ____ when she stepped out with new beau Derek Hough in L.A. to see a film, happy to be out with her new guy and recovering from malaria.

Cole caught the disease while on vacation in Africa with Hough, but contrary to previous reports, it has Hough who actually recognized that Cole had malaria, not just a simple flu. So I guess we can’t blame him after all. 

“I thought I had a bad case of flu and everyone else agreed,” Cole said. “I was even told to stay at home and get some rest. The doctors were so certain it was not serious and I believed them.”

Friends say that Derek is just as thankful to have Cheryl in his life and had been beating himself up over her getting ill, thinking it was all his fault.

“She has become so important to him, he couldn’t imagine his life without her,” a source said.

The two are in L.A. while Cheryl records her second album, but might they stay longer? Cheryl reportedly is “intrigued” by idea of pairing up with Hough for Dancing With The Stars….yay!