Cheryl Cole Spotted With An Other Man

Cheryl Cole, Girls Aloud member and judge on The X Factor, has decided to stop taking sh*t from her cheating husband! I SAY, AMEN!

It is being reported by The Daily Mail that Cole has been hanging around with dancer Derek Hough from Dancing With The Stars. Although she is still married to English soccer player Ashley Cole, he has supposedly cheated on her with four women (explicit sexting included)! Compared to Tiger Woods, that may seem conservative, but if I were her, I would’ve been out after the first affair! Friends say Mrs. Cole will demand a divorce within weeks.

In the meantime, Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough were spotted sneaking into Arclight Cinema in Hollywood to see the new movie Valentine’s Day. They finished off the evening with a romantic dinner at LA hotspot Katsuya with some of Hough’s friends.

Hough has been to Britain to perform with Cheryl Cole, and will appear in a new Girls Aloud music video for their upcoming single Parachutes.

However, friends of Mrs. Cole claim their friendship is NOT romantic, saying, “Derek is a friend, a good friend, but just a friend. They enjoy each other’s company.”

Maybe Derek is gay… after all, he is a professional dancer AND willingly endured the movie Valentine’s Day

Check out these pictures of Cole’s theraputic shopping session in Century City yesterday, as well as pictures of the two “friends” leaving ‘Katsuya’ the same day.