Cheryl Cole’s Cleavage Comes To Cannes [PHOTOS]

Ladies and gentleman, Cheryl Cole has arrived! Talk about a great way to get some fantastic global press.

The 27-year-old singer and judge on The X-Factor arrived at the premiere of Habernus Papam at the Cannes Film Festival tonight wearing a plunging white Stephane Rolland dress. I’m not sure what I think of the belt – are those pears? They mimic her cleavage in an odd way.

PHOTOS: Cheryl Cole Goes For The Big-Haired Look

That said, she does look stunning! Love the sleek hair.

She recently told Entertainment Weekly that she hopes American audiences can bear with her British accent. “I’m going to love getting to know America, and I hope you like to get to know me too,” she added.

If she wears outfits like this one on the show, I don’t think America will care what the hell she’s saying. Check out all of Cheryl Cole and that dress in the gallery!