Cheryl Cole Looks Regal With Prince Charles

Earlier this week Cheryl Cole met with Prince Charles prior to launching the Cheryl Cole Foundation, which aims to help children in the singer’s native North East England.

The pair looked regal, what with Cheryl looking as if she had been royalty all her life.


“Too many young people grow up thinking no-one cares and don’t believe they can make anything of themselves. They have so much potential — but can go off the rails without the right care and support. I want my foundation to help them realise their potential and get their lives on track,” she said. The foundation will launch in April.

Cole was spotted leaving England and heading to California to ‘officially’ work on new music but I think ‘unofficially’ to be with her boyfriend Derek Hough, who rumor has it, have her an ultimatum the last time he saw her about their relationship…