Cheryl Cole Is Furious With Simon Cowell Over ‘X-Factor’ Firing

It was a rather unfair decision, if you ask us.  And because we’ve only been given a few details as to why Cheryl Cole was fired from the US version of The X-Factor, we have to wonder: “Why else was Cole fired?”  Sources cite her Geordie accent – which executives feared singers wouldn’t be able to understand- and her lack of chemistry with fellow judge Paul Abdul in the first two show tapings.

Here’s the thing-WHy didn’t Fox give Cole an audience test before signing her on to be a judge?  Why did Simon Cowell drum up all this hype, dangle all sorts of prospects in front of us, then finally decide to bring the Girls Aloud songstress stateside after a successful run on the UK version?   Why do all the publicity and take her on auditions to different US cities if there was even the slightest chance that things wouldn’t work out?  One would think Cowell knew what he was doing when he hired Cole.  This whole thing has turned into a mess, and the Mirror claims that Cole is downright pissed with Cowell (as well she should be).

Cheryl allegedly told a friend, “I’ve been hung out to dry, and I know who’s to blame. I’ve had no opportunity whatsoever to prove myself and instead they’ve just cast me aside like a fool.”

Read on for more info behind why Cole was fired from The X-Factor.

Cowell tried to make it seem like he was putting Cole back on the UK version to save it.  Cole saw right through his story.  “Cheryl’s not stupid,” says the source.   “She knows this is a kick in the teeth no matter what spin Cowell comes up with. She’s so upset she’s not even sure she wants to do the UK version. Little wonder after the way she’s been treated.”

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It seems Cowell’s been going up against Fox executives, trying to convince them that Cole is the right person for the job.  Those higher-ups weren’t sold on the idea of bringing someone who wasn’t a household name in America to a show that has a lot of hype.  Though Cowell did his best to try and make those fickle bigwigs see that Cole would be a great fit, in the end he lost the battle and had to take their direction.  “We’re not thrilled with the chemistry,” a source said.  “Cheryl may be Britain’s sweetheart, but at the end of the day, she wasn’t a big enough name here.”