Cheryl Cole Celebrates Her Birthday With A New Hair ‘Do

July 1st, 2011 // 2 Comments

Sporting a new, sleeker hair ‘do than the one tainted with the stench of X Factor, Cheryl Cole washed that firing right outta her hair.  Tonight the Girls Aloud pop tart sported a lighter, slightly flatter look that screamed: “Sod off, you yanks!  That mean you too, Simon.”

Joined by her manager (and Black Eyed Peas singer) Will.I.Am, her bandmates and her brother, Garry, Cole made her way to the Sanderson Hotel in a spotted cream mini and gold t-strap heels.  Though her 28th birthday was Thursday, Cole invited a bunch of close pals to celebrate from 9pm until “late,” according to the Daily Mail.

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We say hats off to the new look and Cole’s attitude towards the sh** storm that went with her dismissal from America’s The X-Factor.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Alex

    Stunningly gorgeous

  2. Lacy

    This woman is gorgeous, totally beautiful

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