Cheryl Cole Album Signing In The UK [PHOTOS]

The Wanted With Fans
The Wanted show their love for their fans!
British Singer, Cheryl Cole, spent went to HMV Whiteley’s Shopping Centre in London, UK today (Jun 18) to sign her new album for fans. The artist released the album, A Million Lights, on Jun 15, 2012. A mob of mostly adolescent girls gathered at the mall signing in the UK.

The album received mixed reviews from critics. This album will be Cole’s third studio album. Her hit single, Call My Name, had rave reviews in the UK and careened its way up the top charts. A review from an article in the Huffington Post  stated that,”BBC said: “A Million Lights works well, and it works now – largely, it’s a scrapbook of 2012 trends. And while it’s not quite the same dead-eyed detachment you’d get from, say, Rihanna, it treads a fine line between noticeable passion and pop for pop’s sake.””

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