Cheryl Burke Talks About Chris Brown’s Appearance on ‘DWTS’

March 31st, 2011 // 35 Comments

Cheryl Burke went on The Joy Behar Show tonight to speak out about Chris Brown‘s Dancing With The Stars appearance this past Monday.  Guest host Robin Quivers asked Burke how her past abuse made her sensitive to Brown’s presence on the show, and the professional dancer opened up about her own history of abuse.  It’s been reported that Burke and other DWTS contestants were very cold to Brown backstage Monday night.

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Burke told Quivers, “Ya know just for me, looking at the experience that he went through it really reminds me of my abuse and the relationships that I had, especially in high school, and I’m very sensitive to that and I write about it in my book. And I feel like it’s something women can relate to and people shouldn’t ignore what happened.”

Burke was in New York today to promote her book, Dancing Lessons.

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. Yas

    …”and I write about it in my book” Whatever.

  2. Jay

    Ummm..”And I wrote it in my book”..Well Ok..Now I’m losing respect for Ms. Burke. Clearly she’s just now speakig up about “Chris Brown” because of her book. She wants publicity and it’s sad she’s using him to sell it. Why didnt she speak up about it two years ago? Dont take it wrong, I feel sorry for her and glad she got out of the situation but, dont try to use Chris when he’s trying to get his life back and positive. Again and again, Media has proven to me why I’ve decided to support Chris Brown. How do you expect him be grow up and be positive, if you continue throwing negatives at him. It doesnt make sense. Just because he’s talented and has fans and rich, doesnt make him any more or less human. I’m praying this young man keeps his head up and doesnt have a Major breakdown we will all regret.

    • Delona

      I agree with you. Not that it was right but, its time to let it go. He has moved on and doing his best to move on and people (media) just want let go.

    • law1994

      I agree with you totally….It’s time to move on and let go. We have forgiven other “stars” and regualr people for much worse. Cheryl is my favorite of the dancers but she is starting to make me mad.

    • Chrystal

      Cheryl used a pretty petty way of promoting her book, using a two-year old incident that Chris Brown was involved in and is trying to get past. Instead of showing hatred perhaps giving him the support and help he needs would be a better way of handling it. Should we stop voting for her on DWTS because of her ill-treatment toward Chris? How fair would she think that is? I’m sick of the media slamming Brown.
      It’s unfortunate what happen to Cheryl, but she can’t expect every man to pay for what someone else did to her. News flash Cheryl, some of the very men you’ve partnered with on DWTS have probably slapped a woman – now what, are you going to quit the show? BTW, I wouldn’t get her book if it were offered for free.

    • Chrystal

      I agree with your comment.

    • Lady "L"

      I could not have said this better myself!!! Get over it Chery because EVERYBODY deserves a chance to get their lives back on the right track and Chris should be no exception.

  3. Missy

    She is VERY unprofessional, and obviously using his appearance to sell her book. SMH @ what some people will do…

    • buddy147

      Cheryl that was a cheap shot at Chris to sell your book. I never expected that from you. May God help you to become a better person.

  4. Ashley

    Come on Cheryl find another way to sell your book and get off Chris Brown’s back.

  5. Tangee

    And who the hell is Joy to call a young BLACK man a thug?? She acts like she’s been around Chris or even knows him personally. Her and Cheryl should BOTH sit!

    Cheryl needs to stop using Chris Brown’s name to save her book sales. She doesnt even know Rihanna OR Chris personally to be even mentioning them! Ughhhh @ the media. They disgust me.

    • patty

      Listen you moron – Joy Behar wasnott here – it was Robin Quivers who sais that and she is a BLACK woman

  6. ZuriLady

    I too suffered ongoing sexual abuse as a child (3-9), that has nothing to do with a physical altercation between two people. Were you there or did you see what the media wanted you to see?
    FREE CB’…. From oppressive comments, judgments, ridicule, and foolishness…. NO ONE WAS PRESENT, but the two involved and God Our Father…. He knows the truth…. Woman are crazy…. i.e. Lynn Whitfield in “Thin Line Between Love & Hate” There’s always three sides to a story. The media lies and so do washed up entertainers that do wild things for publicity. It’s a very sad situation. NOT one time has the full story come forward. Question: What did she do to provoke the situation? Was he responding or just decided to go “hammer” and do what he hates after witnessing his mother be abused? Come on now!!!! ABSURD!!! I don’t believe it and never did. I’ve bore witness to three on-going abusive relationships. It takes two to tangle. When a man hits back, he’s an abuser, attacker, and all the other descriptions one-sided thinking people conjure up. When a woman does it, it’s cute and okay? Wow!
    Coming from where I’m from, I’ve seen abusive woman and men. Again, it takes two. And a jealous scorn woman is nothing to play with. Woman play on the system and can ruin a man’s life (or try to) with lies and stretched truth.
    To God be the Glory in it all!

    • Ms Frankie

      I like you!
      I want to start by saying God Bless You and stay strong.
      By no means do I believe Rihanna is as clean in all this as everyone want to make her seem. Don’t get me wrong, the abuse should never have happened. And this chick, whatever her name is, the one promoting her book, she need to find another source for that and stop using Chris. It is time to forgive and allow him to move on. Be done with the questions already. Oh, I fogot to say, I was a abused by my ex-husband. God is good, how dare I not forgive. Wow…God forgives us all, all the time.

  7. ben

    comon just bcos a beat a woman 2 years ago doesnt mean he shouldnt live anymore. i dont think chris brown own anyone any apology acept rihanna.

  8. Laura

    I agree with Cheryl. I am disappointed that DWTS and GMA had him on the show. He just proved it again that he can’t control his anger, especially over an interview that was discussed with him ahead of time. Why do we keep rewarding bad behavior with more TV time. I don’t want to watch or listen to Chris Brown.

    • Tseirpa

      you mean the interview where they said they vetted questions ahead of time and then after ward when he said that they deviated from the agreed upon questions said that they never vetted any questions with him? Where she hounded him about it while he was on the show to promote his new album? he threw a chair at a window.. that was not at another person… there is a big difference. and he admitted he needed help, he knows he has a long road to go but when people keep hounding him about it.. over and over, its not helping his getting better. its like taking an alcoholic to a bar to have a chat and tossing back shots in front of them.. eventually something is going to give..

  9. Lee

    What is wrong with you people?? This guy beat Rihanna to an inch of her life!! He thought he had killed her, and still left her for dead! Free Chris Brown??!!?? He was sorry he was caught, not sorry he did it. His GMA act shows that. If you hit a woman, you are a LOSER!! You should be choked until you pass away!! People like you who support this guy are basically supporting violence against women. Get a clue!!!!!

    • cynthia

      What are you talking about!!! Chris did not beat Rhinna within an inch of her life!!! It’s amazing how after 2 years people are more concerned for Rhinna than she is for herself. Now she’s saying “she likes it rough” and listen to her song “S&M”. Really, how can you feel sorry for her. I have always thought there was more to what happened in that car that night. I’m not saying I agree with what happened to Rhinna, but after reading her articles in the magazines lately…. “I understand”

    • Chrystal

      @Cynthia, your comment is on point. I don’t know where Lee got his/her information from but she was NOT beat within an inch of her life and left for dead.

    • Tseirpa

      Lee… apparently its ok for her to throw pots at him though… or slap him… because she had done that prior. It doesnt excuse his behviour but if you are going to condemn him because he got physically violent then you might want to condemn her as well.. Just because someone is a woman does not mean they are weak, she does concerts and has to remain in good physical condition to do them. You apparently support violence done by women against men then.

      and before you go ballistic.. i was in an abusive situation and the abuser was my mother in law, who is physically smaller than i am but mean as a pit bull on crack. I dont condone what happened by either of them, but at least he is trying to get help and get his life on track.. while she does songs and videos about violent relationships and how she likes it. so you tell me which one is actually trying to get better.

  10. Nai

    I feel bad for everything she went thru… but “people shouldn’t ignore what happen” ? I believe we just seen on GMA people haven’t. Anyways F.A.M.E. in stores now go cop that!

  11. Janis

    I fully support Cheryl Burke. Her book has been out a while now and she has already done the promotion. Her response to Chris Brown’s appearance on DWTS is staying true to herself and her healing. Forgivness is not permission to allow abusive behavior to continue. When Chris Brown reacted with violence to Robin Roberts’ quesion on GMA, he proved he still acts out his abusive behavior. What is appalling to me is Chris Brown not being held accountable to his destructive behavior on GMA and getting a standing ovation on DWTS! Shame on ABC for promoting him. I did not watch the DWTS episode with Chris Brown because of his appearance.

    Chris Brown, you need to get your emotions under control!

  12. Rhonda Stelly

    Cheryl Burke where you really abused or are you just trying to make another dollar and using Chris to help put money in your pocket? You and everyone really need to stop. You need someone to slap you around for using Chris to sell your book. Look Chris has did his time for what happened and he has moved on so all of you need to do the same. My goodness GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN AND LEAVE CHRIS ALONE. If you don’t like what he did, lie before God and pray for him and stop judging him. All of you need to spend time in your bible and find out what it says about judging others. In case you don’t have a bible, let me give it to you. Matthew 7:1-2 JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mate, it shall be measured to you again. Remember God is the only judge over his people, not you or any of these news reporters. Chris will have to stand before God and you will to. None of you have a Haven or hell to place Chris in. In addition remember this: John 8:7 He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. Are any of you without sin?

    • blahahah0909

      “Look Chris has did his time for what happened and he has moved on so all of you need to do the same.”

      You piece of shit. What the fuck has Chris Brown done to atone for what he has done? Not that it matters because there’s no amount of public tears or freakouts on tv shows that could fix being a piece of human garbage. Honest to god I hope you are just trolling because anyone with a mind as simple as yours doesn’t deserve to live on the same planet as the rest of us.

    • Erin J

      You also have a little mean streak… verbal abuse is also “human garbage” behavior… let he who is without sin cast the first stone … sheeesh!! you might wanna try some fiber homie

    • patty

      “Cheryl Burke where you really abused or are you just trying to make another dollar and using Chris to help put money in your pocket? You and everyone really need to stop. You need someone to slap you around for using Chris to sell your book. ”

      Obviously you are a woman who is or was abused and thinks its perfectly OK to get slapped around. get some help

  13. Kristen

    I only read through the first couple of comments and decided to skip the rest. I grew up in a very abusive home. Verbally, physically and sexually. There is no one behind that person to make them do the horrible things they do. So yes I hope it stays with him forever. Did you feel her pain that night? I don’t care how many times Cheryl Burke says “in her book” if one girl/woman reads her book and can find her way out of her living hell then it is worth it. She wasn’t my favorite female pro until now. Thank you Cheryl and by the way I have her book. I just haven’t read it yet! Maybe I can pass some information on to slmeone else.

  14. gerry

    VERY dissapointed in Cheryl! Cris has NOTHING to do with Cheryls past. and she needs to realize her past is HER PAST. others wise how is she going to get over her stuff like he is trying to do for himself? Hey Cheryl Criswas there to dance not tlk to you and put his hands on you.

    • Erin J

      OMG, I soo agree with this comment. People are so selfish and self-centered! Everything is not about you!! its the same as any other person that falls-down and has to pick themselves up and try to get back to work… its going to be a daily struggle and people need to be respectful for his journey and recovery… so annoyed with all the re-hashing and judgements…

  15. cynthia

    Agree with most of the post. I have lost respect for Cheryl. She use to be one of my favorites on DWTS but now, she is using Chris Brown appearing on DWTS to promote her book.

  16. Britney

    I think Chris Brown being asked to appear on the show is in poor taste by the producers for several reasons. One being Cheryl’s past and two for respect for women everywhere. Men who beat on women do not deserve to continue working in the public spot light, misogynistic attitudes live on with supporting men who behave that way. shut down chris brown!!

  17. buddyryba

    I too agree that Chris Brown should not been allowed on DTWS, I am tired of watching and listening to his rants He is an asshole We should have been able to vote for him to been the show I would have voted NOT.

  18. Marci

    I was totally disgusted to see Chris Bown on dancing with the stars. After what he did to Rhianna he should just go crawl in a hole, His interview on GMA should tell everyone that he is not over his anger and outbursts. I am very disappointed that Robin asked him back and that ABC would have him on Dancing. He does not deserve that kind of treatment. He is definetely a loser.

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