Cheryl Burke Talks About Chris Brown’s Appearance on ‘DWTS’

Cheryl Burke went on The Joy Behar Show tonight to speak out about Chris Brown’s Dancing With The Stars appearance this past Monday.  Guest host Robin Quivers asked Burke how her past abuse made her sensitive to Brown’s presence on the show, and the professional dancer opened up about her own history of abuse.  It’s been reported that Burke and other DWTS contestants were very cold to Brown backstage Monday night.

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Burke told Quivers, “Ya know just for me, looking at the experience that he went through it really reminds me of my abuse and the relationships that I had, especially in high school, and I’m very sensitive to that and I write about it in my book. And I feel like it’s something women can relate to and people shouldn’t ignore what happened.”

Burke was in New York today to promote her book, Dancing Lessons.

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