Cher Unleashes Her Sexual Power On David Letterman

November 12th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Cher appeared last night on David Letterman and has proven several things:

  • She’s still funny as hell
  • She’s still pretty damn hot for a woman her age
  • She may be available for gay Jewish weddings
  • Many people still think she’s a drag queen

Then the talk got a bit more serious, talking about how she can’t get used to the fact that her daughter Chastity has had a sex change to become Chas – revealing she still calls him ‘her.’

The 64-year-old star wore a see-through top and leggings slashed up the sides and talked about her son.

“During the years we have talked about it and I don’t really know what made her change her mind – I still haven’t got the pre-nouns right, but she says that’s not so important – he had changed his mind, she had changed his mind and then it didn’t make very much difference. But it kept nagging and nagging and one day he said to me, I think I really have to do this,” she said.

Cher revealed the truth behind rumours of who she’d slept with over the years, and though she admitting bedding Tom Cruise, she said she regretting not sleeping with Elvis Presley more.

Watch her talk about it all!

By Justin Thompson

  1. Kate

    The woman is without a doubt very attractive! I love Madonna but Cher’s looks put Madonna to shame simply because she’s older than Madonna! She’s definitely been open about the work she has had done but work or not it also takes good genes and not just a good doctor!

  2. Cher David Letterman late show new york city
    Annette C Head
    Commented on this photo:

    You look very good

  3. Jack Hammer

    Cher is the best!

  4. cherlover

    Even at 64, I would give my right nut for a night (or a lifetime!) with her. She’s populated my fantasies for the past 30 yrs. She reminds me a lot of Sophia Loren, who also has aged amazingly well over the past 50 yrs!

    I think in both cases, this is because they stay sexy on the INSIDE, and their body just mirrors that fact. Cher, every single time I’ve seen her on screen or in pictures, has a ‘twinkle’ in her eye…just a hint of ‘naughtiness’ there that makes it difficult for men to concentrate on the conversation…She’s always had that, and I think, always will.

  5. Ward Lamb

    Cher is the only celebrity that has my heart,and always will.She has a beauty that is beyond her looks.

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