Cher Performs At NYC Gay Pride, Sparkles In Ashton Michael Fashions

Fergie Shops With Cher
The two hit the streets of Paris.
Cher performed as part of the 27th ‘Dance on the Pier’ party during NYC Pride 2013 yesterday (June 30, 2013) in New York City.

The 67-year-old star hit the stage, performing some of her classic tunes, including “Strong Enough” and “Believe,” at the Dance on the Pier bash in the Tribeca neighborhood.

The singer was dressed by fashion designer Ashton Michael, who revealed the three requests he was given when he was asked to design Cher’s outfit for the event… 

“Champagne, hardware, and mobility.”

The designer revealed that the outfit consisted of “champagne quilted leather jacket embellished with gold nail heads. The sleeves are detachable for a quick wardrobe change that she is so very well known for…paired on the bottom is a duel kilt flap bondage trouser in champagne twill and leather adorned with rose gold hardware.

Michael (who has done Nicki Minaj, Azalea Banks, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, will.i.amand more) talked with SOCIALITE LIFE  about what it was like to collaborate with such an icon.

Working with such a professional is such a blessing and refreshing. A real veteran in the game and sweetest woman who will do anything it takes to achieve the perfect outcome. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Cher and I’m honored to be a part of this very special performance in celebrating gay liberation and equality. The paring couldn’t be more epic!

Ashton’s favorite Cher remark from out fittings – “…so what if i have to stand for 10 hours to get it perfect?! Like i haven’t done that before?! Come on!!”

He went on to say, “She’s a team player and will do what it takes to get it done right, not a single remark about the length of the fitting. Seasoned woman who knows what it takes to create magic.”

Sounds like the perfect collaboration to me! Launch the gallery to check out Cher working it at gay pride! Make sure to check out Ashton’s Michael’s website and you can follow him on Twitter.

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