Cher Felt Awkward Around Justin Bieber

Cher is clearly one to not care about what she wears and whether you can see right through it or not. However, she said she regretted wearing her infamous black body-stocking at MTV Video Music Awards in September but only when someone put her with Justin Bieber to take a picture.

While chatting with Graham Norton, in which she did an impromptu version of Believe which you can watch after the jump, she said her inspiration was to do ‘herself’ in a decade…

“I thought, ‘I’ll do myself in a decade’, and that (body-stocking) was the closest thing I had. And then someone said, ‘Will you take a picture with Justin Bieber,’ and I said, ‘Sure’, not knowing who he was. And then this child, who came up to here (chest), and I felt like I should cover up before I take a picture with this baby.”

Hahaha….poor Cher. Or poor Bieber? Hell, no! Bieber was lucky to be next to a legend!