Cher Didn’t Want To Make ‘Burlesque’

Christina Aguilera and Cher hit the London premiere of Burlesque in some risk-taking outfits where Cher revealed that she originally did not want to make the movie.

After taking a seven year hiatus from acting, Cher was practically forced by the director to take on the role of Tess, the owner of a night club where Christina’s character Ali wants to perform burlesque.

Wearing a flaming orange wig, the 64-year-old iconic singer admitted, “Yes, he did beg me. They all begged me and kept saying ‘no, no’, and suddenly I found myself on the stage.”

The reason? “I wanted to sing in a film,” Cher said.

The other plus was that filming was fun and a great female bonding experience.

“The girls mostly were together,” Cher said. “And it was fun being around that many women, sitting around talking during the breaks. We got friendly.”

So what if the movie sucks, right?