Cher, Cam Gigandet & Christina Aguilera Attend ‘Burlesque’ After Party

You knew with a film that stars Cher and Christina Aguilera would not just settle for a “simple” premiere. Cam Gigandet and Peter Gallagher joined the lovely ladies for some party action.

PHOTOS: Stars attend the Burlesque premiere in Hollywood

While on the red carpet Cher, Christina and Cam talked about their unsexy moments in the film.

Cher: “There were lots of girls crying after 16 hours in high heels. And you’re just going, ‘Oh my God, I can’t stand this another second.’ But that was light stuff,” she revealed, adding that the trade-off was a great experience and a fun movie.

Cam Gigandet: “Oh I don’t talk about my non-sexy moments,” he joked. “Gosh, what was a non-sexy moment? I’m pretty sure me walking around with that cookie box, in my mind, is not a sexy moment,” he said of a particularly suggestive scene in which Gigandet is wearing nothing but the cookie box in question.

Christina Aguilera: “You’re under hot lights, you’re sweating.” There’s moments where you’re not always feeling so cute, things aren’t always in the right place. Things pinch, the dancing makes your toes hurt unbelievably after hours and hours and hours. After 18 hours of dancing on your feet, you’re toes aren’t too cute.”