‘Chelsea Lately’ Comedian Heather McDonald And Cat Co-Star Spoof Sundance With Their Own Catdance Trailer [VIDEO]

November 19th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Deadmau5 or dead mouse?

This question, and may others, will be answered in the new short film 8 To Go, presented by Fresh Step and starring Heather McDonald, comedienne, best-selling author and frequent guest on the Chelsea Lately show.  A slave to the music, Captain Cuddles is in conflict with the owner that loves him as he chases his dream of becoming the world’s greatest feline DJ.  Who comes out on top in this battle of wills?  Watch the video to see.

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Regular Chelsea Lately comedian, best friend to Chelsea Handler, and New York Times bestselling author McDonald knows a thing or two about spoofs and parodies.  One of our very favorite comedians out on the Twittersphere right now, Heather teamed up with Captain Cuddles (played by Sabrina The Teenage Witch‘s Warlock The Cat) to bring some comedy to all the drama that goes on at Sundance.   Heather can be seen regularly on Chelsea Lately and After Lately and recently sold a comedy based around her upcoming book My Inappropriate Life.  She is set to star in the single-camera comedy on Fox.

For additional inspiration, enjoy this Official Selection of the Catdance Film Jury:

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