Chelsea Handler Goes After Kim Kardashian On Chelsea Lately

Princess Jasmine, errr I mean Kim Kardashian, has been the butt of a lot of jokes this week. Last week Kim Kardashian released her first single (and let’s hope only) titled Jam (Turn It Up), has given comedians and gossipers plenty to talk about and ridicule.

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Chelsea Handler, with the help of her brother, Roy, and her on stage panel of critics, took a jab at Kim on Chelsea Lately. As one of Chelsea’s guests put it,

“I can’t encourage celebrities enough, stick to what you are good at. And in Kim Kardashian’s case, let us know what that is when you figure it out.”

Ouch! Harsh words. But, let’s admit it, Kim Kardashian does have some talent. In fact, she is quite good at promoting products and maintaining a curvy physique.  Seen in the gallery arriving at the International Dance Academy in Hollywood, Kim looks good. Let’s not forget, that butt (and Ray-J) is responsible for her sex-tape success. However, Kim, let’s save the singing to the professionals.