Chelsea Handler Goes Ancient Roman, Toga & All [PHOTOS]

Chelsea & Anne
Ladies reflect on the Royal Wedding.
I love that Chelsea Handler. Chelsea and current beau, hotelier Andre Balazs, were spotted in Rome doing as the Romans did. You know what they say, when in Rome! Chelsea and Andre decided to don some super fabulous togas while visiting the Galleria Borghese Museum. 

It really looks quite good on Chelsea. The best part is seeing these two toga-clad folks mixing in with the modern dress folks. Also, ancient Romans on a motorcycle. It’s a thing. I must say, Andre is pretty sexy. Especially with that whole Roman look he’s got going. Well done, Ms. Handler. 

Launch the gallery to appreciate all of Chelsea and Andre’s Roman garb. I wonder where she got her toga from. I won’t lie, sometimes I wanna wear a toga to a party, but it usually ends up just being a sheet I wrap around. Not quite as fabulous. Let us know what you think of the Ancient Rome-meets-Modern Rome in the comments!