CHEESE! Kat Graham And Cottrell Guidry Get Kissy On The Beach [PHOTOS]

Kat Graham totally called up a photographer for this photo shoot, in the manner of Courtney Stodden and Heidi Montag.  But you know what?  We don’t really care.  She looks happy, healthy and totally smitten-kitten with boyfriend Cottrell Guidry.

Graham, who plays Bonnie on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, recently revealed tidbits from the upcoming season.  “It’s moving pretty quickly,” Graham told The Hollywood Reporter recently.  “Everything has been very high-energy, high-paced, fast-moving and life and death. High stakes.”

Do tell.

“You are going to see somebody from Bonnie’s — and from everyone else’s past — make a surprise appearance in one of the first couple of episodes,” she added. Ok, Bonnie has already fallen from grace, in my book.  Yes, she did it to save her friends, but can’t we just kill Klaus once and for all? 

And how will Elena’s transformation go?

“Elena’s already in a transition into a vampire but you’ll also be able to see something even worse start to happen to her in the beginning.”

If Bonnie wasn’t speaking to Elena at the end of season three, you can be your ass something’s up for season four when the series returns in October.