Check Out Two Previews For Next Week’s ‘Gossip Girl’ Premiere [VIDEO]

Gossip Girl returns next Monday, September 26th on The CW, teasing us with royal happenings, shiny rings and pregnancy test.  Dan Humphrey thinks he was the last to kiss Blair Waldorf, but HAH!  Chuck Bass “had” Blair right before he made her go back to Prince Louis.   Leighton Meester shot scenes for the new season in New York September 17th wearing a pale pink Moschino jacket, a hot pink beaded Alberta Ferretti dress and a Marc Jacobs Swing quilted bag, according to HandbagDuJour.

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Now we find Serena and Nate in Los Angeles, a place they should probably think about staying (good looks, low IQs, willingness to bed and be bedded).  Like Blair said, LA is a “plastic surgery layover.”

Check out not one but TWO previews of next week’s episode.