Check Out This Super Cool Candy Sorter! [VIDEO]

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For people like me who enjoy eating one color of candy at a time, this invention is genius! Anytime I get M&Ms or Skittles, I end up eating one color, probably red or orange, before I decide to have the rest of them.

Sorting them manually is simple, but sometimes they begin melting. Who really want dyed hands? For some reason, the dye from M&Ms is really difficult to remove from the palms of my hands. It takes a two or three times to get it all off.

Candy lovers with OCD are really loving this little machine. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any word on whether or not it’s for sale, but it really should be!

Justin Bieber’s tour mate had a custom Skittles machine. I wonder if it was anything like this one!

There could be multiple reasons for someone wanting to have this machine. Maybe they don’t like the green skittle, or maybe they just like to eat candy in a certain order. This is a whole new way to enjoy candy!

What do you think about this cool little sorter? Love it or hate it? Would you use it if you had one?

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