Check Out Michael Buble’s Instagram And Try To Tell Me He Shouldn’t Be A Model

Michael Buble In Ireland
Michael Buble spreads holiday cheer in Dublin
Michael Buble is a very photogenic man. There are some pictures of him that just really convince me that he should be a model. His entire Instagram does that, too.

Most celebrities alternate between taking selfies of themselves and shots of their dog or the beach for their Instagrams. Michael’s Instagram is entirely pictures of him, and they aren’t selfies either. They’re basically model shots. 

In practically every picture Michael is giving us smoldering eyes or a devious smile. He’s sweet, charismatic, and he knows he looks good. Michael is just waiting for someone to be like, “Hey, dude, you should totally model!” I would totally support that decision.

Michael also likes to post adorable pictures of his son Noah, which I adore. He likes to casually throw him into group shots to add a little more cuteness to the picture. He also has a picture of himself watching Noah bouncing in his bouncy chair with the caption, “Adult sized #jollyjumpers could possibly be the first step towards world peace #jumpingforjoy.”

I totally agree with him on that. If I could just bounce my way through the day I bet I would be a whole lot happier. You’re on to something, Michael.

Michael also has pictures of himself with famous icons like Barbra Streisand and Elmo from Sesame Street. His Instagram is great because it’s just lots of pictures of him with some awesome people, modeling his heart out for the camera. Keep on smizing, Michael.