Check Octomom Nadya Suleman’s Totally Ridiculous Angelina Jolie Photo Shoot! [PHOTOS]

The Octomom Is Tired
Someone is looking a bit exhausted.
Angelina's Oscar Pose
Angelina Jolie awkward leg pose at the 2012 Academy Awards.
Happy birthday, crazy straw's children
At this point I have no idea what’s going on with Nadya Suleman anymore. Oh, sorry, Octomom.

The mother of a billion is trying to get her name in the headlines again with her latest In Touch Weekly photo shoot that has her posing as another famous mom of a billion, Angelina Jolie.

Things I’d like to know: 1) Who thought this was a good idea? 2) Why am I so amused by it? There’s no denying that Octomom does have an Angelina look about her. They’ve both got big lips, dark hair, lots of kids…umm…yeah, it really ends there. So this is what she’s decided to do with herself post-rehab? Cool? 

You know, sometimes I just feel bad for this woman. Clearly her life has not gone where she wanted it to. Unless of course she wanted to end up a punchline who claims to still be broke. But I feel way, way worse for her kids. Well, in any case, at least these Angelina Jolie shots are amusing.

Launch the gallery to check out the photos from the photo shoot. So what are your thoughts on Octomom? Think she deserves what’s she’s getting in life? We’d love to hear from you! Sound off in the comments!