Check It: Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Grammy Red Carpet Interviews! [VIDEO]

American Music Awards
Sophia Grace and Rosie hit the red carpet.
Everything’s coming up Rosie and Sophia Grace today!  Ellen DeGeneres’s music correspondents (unofficially, at least) Sophia Grace Brownlee, 8 and Rosie McClelland, 5, hit the red carpet at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night (February 12th) to interview celebrities.  Squealing and jumping and cotton candy galore!

Stealing the spotlight in the custom-made Ellen tutu dresses, Sophia Grace and Rosie acted like pros during interviews, and even took a few moments to recharge their batteries with juice boxes and sandwiches.  Why get up right after to sing with Maroon 5, when they can bend down to accomodate you?