Che Sorpresa! Italy Not Psyched About ‘Jersey Shore’

And here I thought the motherland would be thrilled to welcome MTV’s poorly educated ninkompoops.

Entertainment Weekly has on it good authority that this simply is not the case.  Members of the Italian press have spoken out about the fourth season of Jersey Shore sh***ing on its overseas reputation, which one Italian TV critic told the Wall Street Journal is “already sullied.”

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After MTV announced that not only was it renewing Shore but also sending the dead asses to Italy, everyone just kind of scratched their heads. Instead of working, are they going to be forced to attended Italian class?  Can Sammi Sweatheart and Ronnie live in separate towns?  Those questions went unanswered, but at least Italy feels the same way about Shore’s extended stay as we do.  One Roman newspaper proclaimed, “They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized.”

My eyes might be deceiving me, but is the product in Pauly D’s hair visible?  He and the gang (sans Snooki) stopped by Good Morning America in early January to promote the third season.