Charlotte Church Gets Randy

August 30th, 2005 // 5 Comments

The ladylike Charlotte Church makes out with her boyfriend. If you don’t know who Charlotte Church’s boyfriend Gavin Henson is, Towleroad can help you out.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. i don’t even know who charlotte church is, let alone her boyfriend…

  2. LuvChoo

    1. Why wear a cheezy clear strap bra, when you can just wear the racerback and be done with it?

    2. While she seemed to be trying to impress him with her liplock, he apparently could have cared less. Body language is everything.

  3. same here

    I keep seeing pics of Charlotte Church all over, but WHO IS SHE???

    Im guessing she must be some singer from the UK? I’ve never heard of any of her songs, or her videos, or anything…whoever the hell she is…not very interesting.

  4. Giovanna

    I met her during a photoshoot in London many moons ago. Really nice girl – boring at the time though. Glad to see she’s lightened up even if it is a turn towards slutty!

  5. Dan

    She’s still getting media attention? Why? Seriously, Why? And who’s he? A gotti brother wannabe? This column was a waste of space.

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