Charlize Theron to Act in Boyfrriend’s Directorial Debut

Does this ever really go well? At least Charlize Theron won’t be acting with her long time boyfriend Stuart Townsend. The film is called “Battle in Seattle,” and Townsend wrote the film and will be making his directorial debut. According to Rotten Tomatoes:

Oscar-winning hottie Charlize Theron and steady boyfriend Stuart Townsend are cooking up a movie called “Battle in Seattle,” an indie that takes aim at the World Trade Organization.

Set in 1999, during the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, an eclectic group of demonstrators, including environmental activists, doctors, anarchists, attorneys, eco-terrorists and just plain folks, brings the city to a state of near-chaos, and chases the WTO straight out of town.”

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Written by Lauren Burch

(Splash News Online)

(Splash News Online)